Favorite March Workout – Athlete Lee-Ann Wearing, Timmins, Ontario

Lee-Ann all smiles at the top of Figueora Mountain in Solvang!

Lee-Ann is part of a group from Timmins, Ontario, (a small town 700km north of Toronto) which has seen many of whom escape to Solvang over the last 5 years for some warm spring training. This year, Lee-Ann was unable to make the trip to Solvang due to her changing careers to become a massage therapist. Lee-Ann’s story is a cool one, with a motto “it’s never too late to try something new”… read on for the scoop.

Below we checked in with Lee-Ann to see how she is keeping her training going, while juggling school work and the northern weather this winter/spring.

Name:  Lee-Ann Wearing
Location: Timmins, Ontario, Canada (8 hours NORTH of Toronto:)
Camps attended: Spring Fling x 2 and March Miles
Sport Experience: Over the course of the last five years, I have developed from an athlete who couldn’t swim 25 m, had run a few half marathons and had only ridden 20km, to an athlete who has completed several sprint, olympic, half iron and 2 full ironman distance triathlons.  It’s never too late to try something new.
In the off season I enjoy cross country skiing, downhill skiing and snowshoeing.  Timmins affords us quite a long off season to enjoy winter and the activities that bring us outside during our cold snowy winter months.

2017 Goals: Since I am moving to the east coast where accessibility to races is much easier than in Timmins, I am planning to race often at the sprint and olympic distance while exploring Nova Scotia and finishing my last year of school.  Overall my goal is to build my comfort in going all out (being comfortably uncomfortable) by racing often.

Favorite camp specific training/activity: There are so many camp training activities that I would classify as favourites as each ride, swim and run over the 3 camps have enriched my growth as an athlete and individual.  If I were to pick just one, it would be the climb up Mount Fig, specifically for the camaraderie it naturally brings out in the time trial start format of the climb.  The climb is both challenging and beautiful and ends with a great lunch in Los Olivos discussing our climbing successes.
Timmins Tri-Chicks and adopted team-mates at the summit of The Fig (AKA Figueroa Mountain!)

 Favorite March workout:   March  is a great month in Timmins with mild winter temperatures and lots of snow.  Spending time with friends cross country skiing is definitely a nice addition to a regular swim/bike/run program that is indoors.

I love using TrainerRoad to help focus my indoor bike sessions.  Currently my favorite sessions (Langille, Carter) involve 3 x 10 min intervals in the Threshold power level at 95-99% FTP with 6 min recoveries.  The intervals are bookended by long endurance efforts.  The combination of tempo and strength in February makes me long for the great racing to come this summer.

STC – Thanks Lee-Ann, best of luck with the move to the East coast and finishing up your schooling. Enjoy the change of pace with the sprint triathlons – fun!