Key workout – Roberto Florencia’s Ironman strength/muscular endurance work

Roberto making the most of camp dinner time!

We first got to meet Roberto in Solvang in March 2017, where he kicked off his Solvang week with the Solvang Century ride, then rolled into the Spring Fling Camp putting in some conscientious mileage and injecting much humor along the way.

Roberto is now preparing for Ironman Los Cabos and has recently been modifying some of his training protocols to work on strength and muscular endurance. Check out one of the key sessions he is doing below!

Roberto Florencia’s key workout in prep for Ironman Los Cabos:

Roberto in race mode!
Lately I like this workout to get me ready for what I’m working on, strength for IM/ Muscular endurance.

6 hrs Ride
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When you can’t take your jersey off…

2017 has been a year to remember for Donn and Anne Viviani! Racing numerous National and World Championship events, their medal tally has grown once again. These incredibly fit grandparents and long time Solvang camp athletes, are continuing to prove that life only gets better!

We had the honor of catching up with Donn after the National Aquathlon Championships which were held in Austin, TX, October 1st, where Donn actually found some clothing he can keep on! 🙂

Donn Viviani collects his first national title!! Pictured here with wife Anne.

1. Got to ask, how does it feel to be National Champion?

Donn in the lead at the National Aquathlon race

Actually someone has to be… first is no more unique than third or any other number, it’s the tyranny of ordinal progression!

The big deal for me this year was actually at world’s back in August when they announced as I crossed the line… “bronze medal winner, Donn Viviani from the USA” because I had no idea where I was at worlds so it was a surprise…

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There Is No Comfort In The Growth Zone – by Solvang Athlete, Dana Platin

Dana meeting the camp challenges in Solvang, March 2017.

Climbing THE FIG (Mount Figueroa) in Solvang is a commitment in itself, regardless of your individual specific goals on any set day. It’s a serious climb, 9.3 miles with an elevation difference of 3086 feet.  It takes physical fitness, serious bike riding skills and above all, a certain mental toughness each time the climb is tackled.

Dana Platin, Founder of The Warmi Project and a first time Solvang camp athlete, set out to ride ‘The Fig’ as part of our Spring Fling Camp 2017. You always wonder what goes through another athlete’s head as they face a big challenge.  Did they have concerns, doubts, were they confident, what were their real goals? Dana’s write up of her climb up The Fig, shows the value in embracing new challenges as an opportunity to grow.  Thank you Dana for this great read, it’s motivating stuff!

There Is No Comfort In The Growth Zone – by Dana Platin

I lean in, push down my right pedal, breathe deep as I pull my crank up.  I drop my head down as my eyes fixate on the road ahead, the pain has set in my lower back as I work the incline on Fig mountain outside Solvang, California.  I have a 9-mile climb with about 4,800 feet of elevation gain with little to no flats along the way to recuperate.  I have never ridden up this climb before,

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Favorite March Workout – Athlete Lee-Ann Wearing, Timmins, Ontario

Lee-Ann all smiles at the top of Figueora Mountain in Solvang!

Lee-Ann is part of a group from Timmins, Ontario, (a small town 700km north of Toronto) which has seen many of whom escape to Solvang over the last 5 years for some warm spring training. This year, Lee-Ann was unable to make the trip to Solvang due to her changing careers to become a massage therapist. Lee-Ann’s story is a cool one, with a motto “it’s never too late to try something new”… read on for the scoop.

Below we checked in with Lee-Ann to see how she is keeping her training going, while juggling school work and the northern weather this winter/spring.

Name:  Lee-Ann Wearing
Location: Timmins, Ontario, Canada (8 hours NORTH of Toronto:)
Camps attended: Spring Fling x 2 and March Miles
Sport Experience: Over the course of the last five years, I have developed from an athlete who couldn’t swim 25 m, had run a few half marathons and had only ridden 20km, to an athlete who has completed several sprint, olympic, half iron and 2 full ironman distance triathlons.  It’s never too late to try something new.
In the off season I enjoy cross country skiing, downhill skiing and snowshoeing.  Timmins affords us quite a long off season to enjoy winter and the activities that bring us outside during our cold snowy winter months.

2017 Goals: Since I am moving to the east coast where accessibility to races is much easier than in Timmins, I am planning to race often at the sprint and olympic distance while exploring Nova Scotia and finishing my last year of school.  Overall my goal is to build my comfort in going all out (being comfortably uncomfortable) by racing often.

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The annual “Get Fit for Solvang Spring Fling Camp”

By Solvang Athlete Timmy J. (Timmy Johnson from Millerville, Alberta, Canada)

Timmy and Dawn Johnson in Tauranga Bay near Westport on the Tasman Sea, taking a quick break from the beautiful miles.

The annual “Get Fit for Solvang Spring Fling camp” kicked off in south New Zealand January 10th. Spring Fling alumni Tim & Dawn Johnson are seen taking a break at Tauranga Bay near Westport on the Tasman Sea.

Little know fact, sheep outnumber people in New Zealand 3 – 1. This has sparked the substantial interest of Earl T. (Spring Fling Camp Athlete from Surrey, B.C. Canada) who plans on attending next year with a healthy stockpile of Velcro gloves.
Riding is epic, food is wonderful, and the scenery is something to write home about!