Alaska Bob’s trade secrets!

If you have attended a March Solvang camp since 2010, then you would have no doubt met, or seen the back wheel of, Alaska Bob, AKA Bob Smith. Bob, a strong athlete with a quiet demeanor, lets his biking do the talking at camp and his signature ride is the Jalama Beach ride. Bob seems to be one of only a handful of athletes who has the ability to negative split that ride even with putting the hammer down on the way TO the beach!

2017 has been a good year for Alaska Bob which included a great race at Ironman Wisconsin in September, which enabled him to punch his ticket to Kona for 2018! So on the back of that, we thought we would check in with him to see if he would spill the beans on some of his training behind his amazing biking strength.  Thanks for sharing Bob!

Alaska Bob is his element in Solvang!

Alaska Bob’s Key Ironman Bike Session

Progression by week: This session starts out with a two hour bike on the weekends and increases a half hour every week. These long rides are on Saturday followed by my long runs on Sunday and those increase two or four miles every week. It peaks at a five hour ride three weeks before the Ironman race. I try to hold a zone 2 power range mixing in some surges and intervals and hope my normalized power is in the low zone 2 range for these rides.

Cadence: I like to go at a cadence of 90 (not that it happens enough)! It also works best if it is a open road without stop signs or lights. The Boulder Ironman course works good for that as it also allows me a refuel stop after a lap.

Post training fun at camp. Alaska Bob on right with Blaise Baxter on left.

Power: My zone two power is in the 190-235 range. At Ironman Wisconsin my average power was 176 and normalized power at 194 (not Lionel Sanders stuff). It worked out good, the new hill on the bike course is a match burner!!

On listening to my coach: In my lead up to Ironman Wisconsin this year I did this training with a little variation…. I did USA Nationals in Omaha in the middle of my training. My coach was not happy and the race did not go good. I should have listened!

STC – Congrat’s Alaska Bob on your Kona qualification for 2018, we look forward to seeing you at camp in March!

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