Gear review – Staff Tim Murakami and his go-to Bibs!

Pactimo Alpine Thermal RT Bib Shorts – Gear review from Solvang staff crew and hill-climber-cyclist-extraordinaire,  Tim Murakami!

Fall is here and odds are this is the time of year when you have to consider staying warm on training rides regardless of the climate you live in, and if you don’t, well you’re living the dream.

The Pactimo Alpine RT (reflective technology) Thermal Bib is just the piece of kit that will accommodate that need.

Tim racing the ‘Barry Roubaix’ in the Bibs!

It is one of the most versatile pieces of cycling gear I own, and has been exceptional in conditions ranging from sub 40 degree, raining and windy gravel races to an atypically cool 60 degree ride to Jalama Beach with Solvang Triathlon Camps (they’re typically in the mid 70 – 80 degrees) but hey, the ride was still phenomenal.

Cold Rides
The Apline RT Thermal Bib is fleece lined throughout, including the braces which add an extra layer of warmth from the lower back up to the shoulders. They are the one of the best fitting pair of bibs I own, running true to size with excellent muscle support and with ample compression around the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. For athletes who prefer to use arm and leg warmers over full length jerseys during cooler rides you’ll enjoy pairing these bibs with them. The chamois is well sized with the right amount of padding for long rides without feeling like it’s too much. Cold rides generally mean little sun and low light, so the reflective technology on the leg grippers and left thigh provide extra visibility.

Don’t let the “Thermal” aspect of these bibs allow you to typecast these into only using them for colder rides. Yes, they are fleece lined (thinly) and they keep you toasty, but they also are incredibly breathable and light. It does not feel like I’m wearing a piece of winter kit.

Tim Murakami flying along on the Jalama Beach ride at camp!

On long rides that start in the brisk morning and then get progressively warmer, I found that the Apline RT Thermal Bib remained very comfortable even when the temperature reached the mid 60 degrees; never getting overly warm, and I tend to get warm rather easily.

If you’re putting in time on the bike outside this fall and winter before next spring’s Solvang Triathlon Camps, I recommend the Pactimo Apline RT Thermal Bib without hesitation. See you in March!

Tim in action protecting our SAG food at Jalama Beach!

STC – Thanks Tim and thanks for being part of our staff team for the Spring Fling Camp March 12-18! More seagull / SAG food protection in your future! 🙂

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