Top 5 reasons to include a camp in your spring training

By Coach Mike Ricci

As we head into the coldest part of winter, and our time on the bike trainer gets old and the ‘dreadmill’ gets worse each week, give thought to a training camp where the sun is shining and you get the fresh, outdoor air into your lungs. Give thought to a destination where there are real hills and the riding is endless in all directions. Oh, that does sound nice. A spring camp will give your training and mental energy the boost you need at just the right time.

Here’s a short list of why you should think about a training camp in 2018:

1. A camp will get you out of your comfort zone. I have been to many training camps over the last two decades and I still get that warm fuzzy anxious feeling in my stomach the first day of camp. Who are the fast riders? Will I keep up on the climbs? How will I feel by day 3? All these wonderful questions pop into my head and confirm I made the right decision to get out of my comfort zone with my training.

2. At camp, you will meet new people. Yes, you may already have training partners, but meeting new athletes who you may recognize from various races is an important part of the community of triathlon. As you meet these new athletes, you’ll gain a better understanding of how faster athletes train, and this will help you with your own training. There’s no single way to do anything, especially training. Meeting new people and learning what they do to maintain their edge is a definite benefit.

3. Attending camp in a new location will afford you the opportunity to ride routes you’ve never ridden before or run on trails you’ve never been on. There’s a huge benefit for getting out of your local hood and learning the roads and trails of another town.

4. Even though you are slaving away on Zwift or Trainer Road, there’s nothing like actually getting out onto the roads with the wind in your face and being 5 miles from the next meet up with the Sag, you are out of water, your quads are cramping and you have to dig deep to be mentally tough to finish the ride. An indoor ride just isn’t going to give you the opportunity to bank some mental toughness.

5. The fitness! Most importantly, getting solid training in for 4-7 hours a day, for 5-6 consecutive days will most likely be the biggest week of your year and will set you up for a huge fitness boost! Plus, it’s much easier to get these hours and miles in with other athletes at a camp because there will be some friendly peer pressure!

I hope you find your way to a camp this year – I can promise you that the results this season will pay for themselves!

Mike Ricci is coaching at our Spring Fling Camp 2018 in Solvang, California.

Mike is the CEO and Head Coach for D3 Multisport. He is a USAT Level III Certified Coach. He loves leading training camps and inspiring athletes to dig deep. With his attention to individual athletes and their skill and technique development, athletes will leave the camp with a renewed sense of confidence for their race season. Coach Mike was honored by USAT as the Coach of the Year.