Peter Reid pushes the reset button in prep for camp!

Written by Peter Reid, 3 X Hawaii Ironman Winner and Solvang Coach.

Yup – oops! It’s the first word that came out of my mouth when I jumped on the scale October 1st. I put on a bit too much weight during the summer. I didn’t prepare for any races in 2017 and spent most of my weekends learning a new sport, kiteboarding, which has pretty much zero cardio to it and a bit too much beer consumption.

I had to do something about the lack of fitness and shedding the few extra pounds. It was time for a mini training camp. My ‘mini training camp’ would be a commitment of 3 weeks of exercising 6 days a week at a very low heart rate to get my fat burning system going again and to create a regular workout routine.

Those first few runs and bike rides were a huge struggle. I hooked up with one of my old training buddies for some rides and he was having a blast dropping me on hills. I stuck with my plan and let him consistently ride away. I also walked up a lot of hills on training runs to keep my heart rate low. Toward the end of the third week I was finally able to run slowly up hills and I decided to avoid my training partners.

After completing the training camp I was back into a groove. I also had a few goals to help motivate me. The first goal was to get fit for the Junior Mountain Bike spin class which I lead from December to March on Thursdays. The kids are the best in the regionand two of them are currently the best Juniors in the country. I needed high end fitness to lead the class so it was back on ZWIFT to force me to dig deep during workouts.

Goal number two was to persuade Charlie (Solvang Tri Camp’s Camp Director) to have me back as assistant Coach at the Solvang Camp. She agreed and now I’m on to goal 2:

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Peter Reid’s top 5 reasons for training in Solvang during the spring

Peter all smiles on the Tepusquet Ride

Peter Reid, 3 X Hawaii Ironman Winner, 10 X Ironman Champion, and Ironman Hall of Fame Inductee, is returning to Solvang this March to be part of our coaching staff. Peter, now a pilot by day, is excited about this coming race season where he is hoping to be competitive in the masters category at marathon mountain bike events and cyclocross. No pressure for the other masters athletes hey?!! Last summer Peter won the Axel Merckx Gran Fondo in Penticton, so has great form! 

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