Can you teach an old dog new tricks? The power of persistence!

As many athletes in the northern hemisphere are beginning their off-season, the months ahead can be a great time to work on technique and focus on skills.

Looking for some motivation to show that we can all learn new skills? Looking to change your swim stroke, learn to nordic ski, or change your run form this winter? This video demonstrates the power of persistence in changing the neural pathways in your brain to learn new skills, or re-learn skills!  Enjoy the video…

Wonder if any camp athletes could ride a lap of the Meadowlark Inn on a backwards brain bike next spring!!?!

There Is No Comfort In The Growth Zone – by Solvang Athlete, Dana Platin

Dana meeting the camp challenges in Solvang, March 2017.

Climbing THE FIG (Mount Figueroa) in Solvang is a commitment in itself, regardless of your individual specific goals on any set day. It’s a serious climb, 9.3 miles with an elevation difference of 3086 feet.  It takes physical fitness, serious bike riding skills and above all, a certain mental toughness each time the climb is tackled.

Dana Platin, Founder of The Warmi Project and a first time Solvang camp athlete, set out to ride ‘The Fig’ as part of our Spring Fling Camp 2017. You always wonder what goes through another athlete’s head as they face a big challenge.  Did they have concerns, doubts, were they confident, what were their real goals? Dana’s write up of her climb up The Fig, shows the value in embracing new challenges as an opportunity to grow.  Thank you Dana for this great read, it’s motivating stuff!

There Is No Comfort In The Growth Zone – by Dana Platin

I lean in, push down my right pedal, breathe deep as I pull my crank up.  I drop my head down as my eyes fixate on the road ahead, the pain has set in my lower back as I work the incline on Fig mountain outside Solvang, California.  I have a 9-mile climb with about 4,800 feet of elevation gain with little to no flats along the way to recuperate.  I have never ridden up this climb before,

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